How to address the Catholic Abuse Crises

Join us to ensure that abuse and cover-ups stop!   Join us with a demand that The First Call must be to Law Enforcement.  

Not 1 Dime Until These Minimum Standards are met

Our Proposal:


If you are upset about child abuse and the allegations of sexual harassment in the Catholic Church, Join Us If you have put your faith aside out of disgust with the lack of proper Church reaction, Join us. If you are angry with the lies, coverup, rotational policies and denials, Join Us with this simple message: Not 1 Dime more in the collection plate until the standard in the United States is  CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT FIRST 

What Must Be Done

We Want the Roman Catholic Church to be respected around the world.  Our goal is to restore the Church to relevance. Our demand is the implementation of practice and  policy consistent with moral standards and decency expected by the Church faithful - we know what is right.

1.  We want the First Person Called when there is an accusation carries a gun and a badge.  CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT FIRST should be the first step in addressing any allegation of abuse.

Most Diocese have have set policies and practices that directly address the issue of abuse.  In addition to CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT FIRST we would like to see that each Diocese ensure that:

2.  Sexual Harassment Training equal to that of the US Military or Government Agencies (As an elected Water Board Member I have to go through certified training every 2 years. Ray)

3.  Lay oversight committee to review cases of abuse and set that they are properly adjudicated.


We appreciate the hard work done by SNAP.  Learn more by visiting their website.

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Keep up with what they are saying and doing.

United States Council of Catholic Bishops

Decisions are made in Rome.  Tracking what they say can be informative.

The Holy See

A source of background information on many related issues.

Catholic News Agency

A source of background information on many related issues.

Church Militant

Ray Riehle

My background


I am a lifelong Roman Catholic who has never been abused and can’t begin to imagine what it has been like for those who were abused. When I was young I served as an Altar Boy, I was active in the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization), and served as a 

music minister for some 35 years.  

My involvement


My brother and I would like to offer people who feel that their voice is not being heard a simple way to offer a message that will give the leadership of the Catholic Church a clear direction to resolve what we believe is an existential crisis to the 

Catholic Church in the United States.


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