Scoring System (updated 03-10-2019)

It is pretty easy to determine if the policies meet our requirement for contacting Law Enforcement First.  Go to the Diocesan website and follow their instructions.  Many diocese have already taken action and put in place policies that are consistent with our goals.  We appreciate the work that has been done want to acknowledge their efforts.  Others have taken what we consider less than effective actions and we would like them to take more aggressive action in response to the abuse crisis.  RED means they are failing.  AMBER means they are on track but they don't encourage contacting Law Enforcement First. GREEN means they have policies that include contacting Law Enforcement First.   Go to your own Diocese Web Site and read the policy for yourself.   If you are satisfied that your Diocese is already doing everything necessary to ensure innocents are protected please send them a note of appreciation and push for a National Standard.  If you are interested in the methodology used please send an email to and we will answer your questions.   If you believe your Diocese should have a different score please let us know and we will make any appropriate change.

SUMMARY AS OF 3-10-2019

  • GREEN 94
  • AMBER 26
  • RED 72

List 2019-03-10 (xlsx)