Sample Letter

Letter # 1


My name is Ray Riehle. My brother Ed and I created

This is an effort to deliver a clear message to the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church that we, and many like us, are profoundly disappointed by the lack of consequential action by you and the rest of the American Bishops regarding the ongoing allegations and actual cases of child abuse and sexual harassment by some of the clergy in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Until American Bishops and Pope Francis act to end the abuse, we will not give one dime more in the collection plate at Mass. We and many other like-minded Catholics believe it is long overdue that we deliver a clear message to the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. We are not requesting another meeting, conference, or discussion on the topic. 

-We want specific simple and specific actions to address abuse of innocents. 

-We want the Church to be respected around the world.  

-We want to restore the Church to relevance and demand the implementation of practices and policies consistent with the highest standards of decency expected by people everywhere. 

Swift and decisive action against those who abuse children is the only acceptable answer. 

1. We demand that the First Person Called when there is an accusation against a Bishop or Priest, carries a gun and a badge. Law enforcement knows how to deal with sex crimes. Let them do their job. 

2. We demand US Bishop set policies and practices that directly address the issue:

a. Sexual Harassment Training equal to that of the US Military or Government Agencies be required for all ordained ministers and anyone who works within the Church 

b. A Lay Oversight committee be created in every Diocese to review cases of abuse and see that they are properly adjudicated  

c. Internal Policies that make it easy to report bad behavior while ensuring that those accused are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”.

We will only contribute a nickel and four pennies until actions are taken. We will set our donations aside in what amounts to an Escrow Account. As soon as we see real progress by the American Bishops, we will give what has been saved, and renew our contributions. Please don’t delay in acting. The abuse that has too long been ignored and covered up is a threat to the Church.

If consequential and effective action is not taken, the future of the Church will be one of decline and irrelevance. We need your leadership and support as we work to heal our Church.


Ray Riehle   Ed Riehle